Enginity - Saskia

"I was offered a candidate that I could never have reached because he was not actively looking. Someone who knew him well explained the link between my vacancy and his competencies and ambitions. The recommendation on QuidProJobs that followed, turned out to be a hit. It is nice to know that the fair commission that I pay for this successful reference is also fairly shared with the 'referrer'."

BitConsult - Ive

"A candidate who is directly recommended by her/his ex-colleague will submit stronger papers than a spontaneous job applicant. I was immediately convinced of the added value of QuidProJobs in terms of the 'reputation' of a candidate. QuidProJobs is a reference platform and not a selection office; I know clearly what I can get and what I pay for."


"I was contacted by a former colleague who had seen a vacancy on QuidProJobs that reminded him of me. Although I was not actively looking, I thought this was an interesting first freelance assignment, because of the contract duration and the location. Based on the recommendation of my former colleague, I was invited to a meeting with the hiring manager and sometime later I was allowed to start. The fact that my ex-colleague knew me well, knew what I was looking for and recommend me, eased my transfer from employee to freelancer."


"Not long after I decided to establish myself as a freelancer, I was contacted by a former colleague. She had seen a vacancy on QuidProJobs that reminded her of me. It fitted perfectly with my experience and the way I wanted to go ... an interesting first freelance assignment! I have been able to organize the scheduling of the talks and the negotiations from start to finish. My new career could not start better! That my ex-colleague knew me well and wanted to recommend me, has positively influenced the procedure."


“Someone from my network knew that I was thinking about a whole new challenge and career switch. He contacted me in connection with an opportunity on QuidProJobs of which he was convinced that it would be in line with my abilities and ambitions. Through his recommendation, I was invited for an interview with the founders of a new company and in the meantime, we are fully expanding the company together.!”


"I read the vacancy of IT architect on QuidProJobs and immediately I had to think of my former colleague of whom I was aware that his current assignment as a consultant was not 100% what he expected. The disappointing technology and unfavorable commuting caused him to start doubting whether this situation could be sustained in the long term. I called him, explained what it was all about, and it soon became clear that this vacancy was completely in line with what he was looking for. he registered on the platform and then the ball started to roll. Not much later he signed his new contract and now he works much closer to home and he has a much more challenging job. It is very satisfying to find that through this platform I can bring someone from my network into contact with an interesting opportunity!"

Bolides - Bart

 "We had our vacancy for Application Engineer open for a few months, but we were still unable to fill it. Where most recruitment offices charge high rates, QuidProJobs charges a reasonable fee for a successful reference. Knowing that this commission is shared with the reference provider gives me confidence in QuidProJobs. But more importantly, I found the right candidate in a difficult market."

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