Activate your network and earn rewards

A well developed network can provide consistent referrals

Receive vacancies, search your network and refer
Every vacancy contains a description and a checklist of requirements. Look in your close network if anyone fits the description. Contact your possible candidate(s) personally to check his/her interest. If indeed there is interest, invite the Expert to join QuidProJobs or select your Expert if he/she is already a QuidProJobs user.
Follow up the application procedure
Here is where you actually connect your Expert with the Company. In the job posting, your Expert and the Company have to explicitly confirm interest in each other. At that moment of mutual interest, contact details of both parties are published and you are notified. Company and Expert should contact each other now. Keep in touch with your Expert and the Company to check on the status of the application procedure. You can clear up possible roadblocks and assure a smooth process. Quid pro quo!
Receive the referral fee
When the hiring Company and your Expert decide to start working together you are entitled to a commission of 3%. This can be a one-off 3% on gross yearly salary or a monthly recurrent 3% of the day rate. With the easy-to-use QuidProJobs calculator you can determine the exact fee you can earn.
No need to remind yourself to invoice QuidProJobs, since invoicing and payment is automatically done in our system.
Rating & Ranking
QuidProJobs Score is a comprehensive, objective quality ranking system. Calculation is based upon over several unique, measurable factors about your participation in QuidProJobs, i.e. the completeness of your profile, your (speed of) responsiveness to invitations to refer, the succesratio, and upon feedback from other users.

Complete Your Profile - Update Us - Respond Quickly - Be Honest - Introduce Others

Keep in mind that the QuidProJobs score is recalculated at irregular, unscheduled intervals to help us avoid people gaming the rating system. As a result, individual actions on your behalf will have no immediate impact on your score.

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