Find your next challenge via QuidProJobs

Ask for a recommendation from your trusted network

Register & discover job opportunities
Scroll through the QuidProJobs vacancies to discover one (or more) that is of interest to you. Next, you find someone in your close network who is willing to put his/her reputation at stake by recommending you for this specific job opportunity.
Ask for a recommendation
Do this in your own personal way. You can send a formal invitation for a referral via QuidProJobs subsequently. Be genuinely grateful for every referral you get, even if it doesn't turn into business. You have to realize that someone took the time from their busy life to help you out. Thank them early and often. If you show real appreciation, there is a chance that those referrals will keep rolling in. At all times, keep your referral source in the loop!
Negotiate directly
As soon as you are recommended the hiring Company is required to acknowledge its interest in your candidacy. At that moment contact details of you and of the hiring manager are released. Its' up to you to initiate contact. You discuss rate & availability, type of contract, duration, etc. directly with the Company without involvement of intermediaries.
When you and the Company agree to start working together a referral commission of 3% will automatically be paid to your Referrer.
360° rating & ranking
QuidProJobs Score is a comprehensive, objective quality ranking system. Calculation is based upon over several unique, measurable factors about your participation in QuidProJobs, i.e. the completeness of your profile, your (speed of) responsiveness to invitations to refer, the succesratio, and upon feedback from other users.

Complete Your Profile - Update Us - Respond Quickly - Be Honest - Introduce Others

Keep in mind that the QuidProJobs score is recalculated at irregular, unscheduled intervals to help us avoid people gaming the rating system. As a result, individual actions on your behalf will have no immediate impact on your score.

Why apply via QuidProJobs?

Apply efficiently

Direct contact with companies via the platform

Relevant vacancies

Proposed by people who really know you

Simple registration

No resume upload & endless lists of questions

It's free

No sign-up fees, no extra costs

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