About QuidProJobs

QuidProJobs was founded in 2016 as a whole new channel for companies to find talent. Founders Veerle Seymus and Tom Lecluyse have years of experience in human resources, projectsourcing and recruitment for multinationals and for (S)MEs. They started QuidProJobs in 2016 from their indignation at how recruitment agencies operate today. These agencies charge huge amounts but offer little added value: they mainly do 'CV shopping' and imagine themselves to be the exclusive owner of a CV. Veerle and Tom saw the time ripe for an ethical and more transparent way to help companies recruit. Without 'middlemen', but via a platform. Where companies come into direct contact with talent by making use of networks of individuals. Traditional recruitment agencies can never get to this hidden talent. The idea for QuidProJobs was born. The core values: transparency, trust and credibility.

Anybody, including someone who does not work, can become a non-professional matchmaker. The evolution towards an economic system in which people themselves determine at which moments in life they need more or less money already exists.
The platform is a legal and simple way to generate extra income to create a better work-life balance.
The idea for this marketplace was developed from the view that a classic approach to the labor market does not solve the "personnel problem" of our companies. In current platform and community thinking, there are other ways to bridge the gap between supply and demand. The QuidProJobs platform is therefore a typical exponent of this collaboration economy driven by information technology, with a rating system as a quality control that provides trust between users who do not know each other, so that they can work flexibly in space and time.


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